Paris 2014 January Sales (Soldes)

06 January 2014

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Tips on enjoying the 2014 Paris Winter Sales


If this is your first winter in Paris, you may have been shocked by the lack of sales on Boxing Day, particularly if you are from the UK where the shops are fighting over each other to get the "sales" message out there. Some advanced knockdown prices have already started if you have been to the likes of Galeries Lafayette department store and other large high street brands. You will see lots of coloured stickers out on many of the price tags but sales prices not available to the general public. The idea is to give loyal customers, usually with a store card, access to the “private sales” (soldes privés) which generally started on 2 January.


No need to panic though! The official 2014 winter sales (les soldes d'hiver) in Paris start on the second Wednesday of January with the dates set by the government in advance, hence the need to wait a while longer. For Paris and Ile-de-France, the sales officially start on 8 January 2014 and continue until 11 February 2014. There are a number of departments which start their sales earlier, particularly near the border with Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain, where shops are afraid to lose customers to the neighbouring countries sales (which start soon after the New Year).


Are you wondering how the “soldes” in Paris work? Take a look at our top tips below:



January Sales Top Paris Tips

  • The sale items are usually indicated with a colour sticker on the price tag or a colour tag. Different colours relate to different discount rates so you may have to ask what colour is for which rate. Most shops do have sheets up giving the discounts and handy conversion tables so you can work out how much the item will actually be sold for at the till.
  • As the sales continue over a period of 5 weeks, the reduction rates increase in value over time. For example, an item may have a 30% discount in the first week but this is then increased to 40% in the second week. You will see signs stating "2ème or 3ème demarque" which is 2nd or 3rd mark down. The risk is of course that the item you want sells out during the first price reduction!
  • Try to avoid going to the sales at the peak times which are Saturdays, lunchtimes and Friday afternoon, to avoid the crowds. Don't forget though that many shops will still be closed on a Sunday.
  • Go to the shops you are interested in on the day before the sales actually start to take your time to find what you are looking for and to try on clothes for size etc. This can save a huge amount of time as most shops during the sales are chaotic and there are large queues at the fitting rooms (cabine d'essayage).
  • Refunds on sale items vary from store to store so either be very sure with your purchase or check the policy before buying.


If you have any other tips which you think would benefit others, please let us know via the enquiry form below and they will appear in the list above. Thanks and happy shopping!



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